Think You’re Good At Connect 4?

I won’t question your adeptness at a favorite childhood game, but my bot Herbert will. Myself and a few other guys developed Herbert for our final project in AI class, and he is frustratingly unbeatable. After a game or two against him, you might consider an early retirement from the Connect 4 world. [Update 3/3/2012 I have uploaded Herbert for you to download and play against. See details at bottom of this post for more]

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Crawling the Gnutella Network

If you’ve ever used Limewire, Bearshare, morph500, Frostwire, or even eTomi, you’ve been on the Gnutella Network. If you used any of these services last week, chances are I found you while I was crawling it.

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A Text-based Game

[Update 3/3/2012: I’ve uploaded all the source code, as well as the executable so you can download and play here(9/9/2012: The file is no longer available due to lack of interest)] Shortly after my first semester of college-level CPS coursework, I felt confident enough with C++ to start making my own game. After all, I’ve always loved everything about games, the making of them, the playing of them, and the analysis of them. I decided to make a little text-based game where the user would enter in commands from the prompt to explore a virtual haunted house. It turned out to be a lot more work than I anticipated.

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Dots and Boxes

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Remember back in High School when you and a buddy got out a piece of graph paper, drew a grid of dots, and then proceeded to take turns connecting the dots to form boxes? Whoever had the most boxes at the end of the game won. Well, I implemented it in openGL! [Update 3/3/2012. I’ve uploaded the project for you to play! See details at the bottom of this post for more Update 9/30/2012: Due to (unpopular) demand, I’ve let the hosted file expire. Hit me up if you want me to repost it!]

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An Homage to Matt Groening

In 2009 I took an intro course to openGL. For some time I had been wanting to get working with graphics using C/C++ but never had a library to work with. My former experience with graphics was using Java in high school (which reminds me, I MUST find some of those projects, they were awesome). [Update 3/3/2012. You can now download and see this project first-hand! See details at end of post As of 2013, these files have expired due to lack of interest]

Anyways, I digress. For my final project, I had to choose a subject to render in 3D. Some students choose to render little boxcars, others did some really cool things with lights and spheres. I chose to pay homage to the man who gave us The Simpson’s – Matt Groening – by rendering the iconic living room and couch we see every episode.

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