Case Study: Reusing Double Dispatch for serialization

In my previous blog post, I gave a tutorial on the double dispatch pattern. I mentioned that you could reuse the pattern for a variety of things, one of those being I/O. In this blog post, we’ll walk through how we can add serialization support for our class hierarchy without touching the classes themselves.

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A true heterogeneous container in C++


Oftentimes I see questions StackOverflow asking something to the effect of

“Can I have a std::vector that holds more than one type?”

The canonical, final, never-going-to-change answer to this question is a thorough


C++ is a statically-typed language. A vector will hold an object of a single type, and only a single type.


Of course there are ways to work around this. You can hide types within types! In this post I will discuss the existing popular workarounds to the problem, as well as describe my own radical new heterogeneous container that has a much simpler interface from a client’s perspective. Continue reading “A true heterogeneous container in C++”