Think You’re Good At Connect 4?

I won’t question your adeptness at a favorite childhood game, but my bot Herbert will. Myself and a few other guys developed Herbert for our final project in AI class, and he is frustratingly unbeatable. After a game or two against him, you might consider an early retirement from the Connect 4 world. [Update 3/3/2012 I have uploaded Herbert for you to download and play against. See details at bottom of this post for more]

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Dots and Boxes

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Remember back in High School when you and a buddy got out a piece of graph paper, drew a grid of dots, and then proceeded to take turns connecting the dots to form boxes? Whoever had the most boxes at the end of the game won. Well, I implemented it in openGL! [Update 3/3/2012. I’ve uploaded the project for you to play! See details at the bottom of this post for more Update 9/30/2012: Due to (unpopular) demand, I’ve let the hosted file expire. Hit me up if you want me to repost it!]

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An Homage to Matt Groening

In 2009 I took an intro course to openGL. For some time I had been wanting to get working with graphics using C/C++ but never had a library to work with. My former experience with graphics was using Java in high school (which reminds me, I MUST find some of those projects, they were awesome). [Update 3/3/2012. You can now download and see this project first-hand! See details at end of post As of 2013, these files have expired due to lack of interest]

Anyways, I digress. For my final project, I had to choose a subject to render in 3D. Some students choose to render little boxcars, others did some really cool things with lights and spheres. I chose to pay homage to the man who gave us The Simpson’s – Matt Groening – by rendering the iconic living room and couch we see every episode.

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